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Privacy Policy


 The amount of data processing

 Deur Huizen B.V.  only collects and stores personal data that is necessary for Deur Huizen B.V.  to do business. Deur Huizen B.V.  also ensures the accuracy and completeness of the personal data processed, indicating to clients, how to enter the data in the most accurate and complete way.

 Deur Huizen B.V.  will handle personal data in a way that ensures the data confidentiality, and will use all the reasonable means to prevent any unauthorized access. Deur Huizen B.V. stores and processes Personal data only for Deur Huizen B.V. performance needs in accordance with regulatory enactments.

 Personal data will not be shared with any third party unless the client has agreed to it, it is necessary to Deur Huizen B.V. and the client mutual contractual obligations fulfillment or otherwise authorized or commissioned in accordance with the applicable regulations.

 Data security and use

 If the customer decides to register on the Site, the customer will be asked to provide information about his first name, last name, address, e-mail address and other data.Deur Huizen B.V.  is entitled to use the provided information to personalize and improve the functionality of the Site. This can be in a form of, for example, but not limited to, promotional offers tailored to the customer’s based on past purchases and provided to customer through online or e-mail with the consent of the client or in accordance with the requirements of regulatory enactments.

 Deur Huizen B.V. will process the data in a way that ensures the data confidentiality and privacy and will apply internal procedures and controls to prevent any unauthorized personal data usage, access, disclosure, copying, modifying or defacement, as well as will use all the reasonable means to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of the data.

 Deur Huizen B.V.  handles the data with integrity and in accordance with the law and will not use the Personal data for intentions not relevant to the purposes for which Deur Huizen B.V. has received the Personal data.

 Deur Huizen B.V. will process the accumulated Customer Personal data to: execute orders; help Deur Huizen B.V.  to improve the Site and information availability to customers online; provide information to customers about Deur Huizen B.V. products and services; ordering, customer support, payment making and service providing; and otherwise in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

 Ordering goods and services online

 If a customer wants to place an order online, then Deur Huizen B.V.  is required to know the customer first name, last name, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address and data associated with the payment making (such as credit card number and expiration date). It allows for Deur Huizen B.V. . to ensure complete customer order fulfillment and to inform the customer about the order status.


 Deur Huizen B.V.  has the right to collect data about a website user using cookies to improve the services available to users. Cookies are files with information stored by websites on your computer to recognize the user and make it easier to use the site. Internet browsers can be configured to alert the customer about cookies and allows the customer to choose whether to accept the use of cookies. The decline to use cookies will not prevent the client from using the site, but it may restrict the options of the site usage.

 Third parties

Deur Huizen B.V.  will not hand over Personal data to third parties, except, as far it is concerned necessary for a reasonable commercial implementation, ensuring that the third party keeps the Personal data confidential and ensures the appropriate protection. Deur Huizen B.V.  will transfer Personal information to suppliers, subcontractors, strategic partners and others helping Deur Huizen B.V. . and its customers to implement the relevant cooperation. However, in such cases,Deur Huizen B.V.  will request a guarantee from the data recipients that the information received will be used only for the purposes that the data was transmitted for and in accordance with the applicable law requirements.

 Deur Huizen B.V.  undertakes not to transfer Personal data to an organization or any other person in a country, where adequate personal data protection  level is not provided except in the following cases:

 The customer has given his consent;

 l  Transfer is required in order to conclude an agreement with the client or to execute a contract with the customer;

l  Transfer is required to conclude or execute a contract, which is concluded in the interest of the client;

l  Transfer is permitted in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulatory enactments.

 Access to personal data

 Based on a reasonable written request, Deur Huizen B.V.  will inform the data subject about:

 l  Personal data processed by Deur Huizen B.V. , data mining source (if the law permits it to be disclosed);

l  the date when the last changes in the Personal data were made;

l  the purpose for which personal data are being processed; data recipients or data categories of recipients;

l  and whether the information is processed in an automated manner.

 Deur Huizen B.V.  will take the necessary steps to correct or erase any inaccuracies in personal data that are reported directly or through available services. Deur Huizen B.V. will, with reasonable limits, inform the customer personal data recipient about any alterations. However, Deur Huizen B.V.  has the right to restrict access, possibility to correct or delete data in accordance with the requirements of applicable regulatory enactments.

 Personal data registration or deletion

 If necessary, the Data subject is entitled to modify, add or delete Personal data stored about him in his user account at any time.

In case the user wants to: relinquish from receiving further messages, completely delete his Personal data from the service, have any questions about Personal data, please contact Deur Huizen B.V.  by e-mail: 

 Adaptations and changes to Privacy policies

 Deur Huizen B.V. is entitled to modify these Privacy policy rules from time to time at its discretion.